What You Need To Know When Hiring Roofers In Accrington

What You Need To Know When Hiring Roofers In Accrington - Home Pro Roofing

What You Need To Know When Hiring Roofers In Accrington

If it is your first time hiring a roofing contractor, then you may not know what to expect from them. Here is what you need to know when hiring roofers in Accrington.

When hiring a contractor, you do not have to choose the first contractor that you come across. Instead, take your time and compare different contractors before making up your mind about whose services to use. Get quotes from at least 3 contractors and compare and contrast them. A contractor should give you a written quote for the project. This will help you know how much the whole project will cost you.

Part of your contract with the professional should include how the post work clean up will be handled. This will prevent you from being left with a giant mess in your hands, when the job has been completed. Your contract should detail whether it is the client or the contractor responsible for the clean up.

The professional should offer a warranty. This can last for a year or more. There are two types of warranty, a warranty for the work done and warranty by the manufacturer for the materials. So, ask the contractor which one they offer and how long it is. Seek clarification from the contractor about who exactly will be working on your roof and whether it is a subcontractor or an employee of the company.

Have a written contract with the contractor. This is whether they are working on a big job or a small job. The contract should spell out what both parties have agreed on and how the work will be carried out. This should be done before any work starts on the project.

Agree on a payment schedule. Usually, you will have to pay an instalment upfront. Last instalment is paid when work has been completed and you are satisfied with the job.

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