What Is The Benefits Of A Slate Roof?

What Is The Benefits Of A Slate Roof? - Homepro Roofing

What Is The Benefits Of A Slate Roof?

Most homeowners may have challenges when choosing the right roofing materials to install on their rooftops. Slate is a roofing product designed to meet the roofing and beauty needs of homeowners. However, some individuals might overlook it because they are unfamiliar with its capabilities and value. Before you select materials for roofing, consult a roofing contractor to understand the advantage of each product to use on rooftops. Follow the information provided in this guide and know what is the benefits of a slate roof.

When you choose to use slates in roofing, expect to enjoy many colours and styles you can use when constructing a residential or commercial structure. These products meet the design and color needs of investors in housing, such as real estates and private apartments.

If you are in the United States, you can find slates in two common styles, including the random width style and the standard pattern style. Color of this roofing material can range from vibrant to muted colors, such as black, gray, purple, green, and red. You can choose the slates roofs that can match your rooftop needs from the nearest hardware yard.

Are you asking yourself how long slates can last? If so, you should know that this material is typically a rock. It is a metamorphic rock derived from sedimentary rocks composed of volcanic ash and clay. That tells you they last for an extended period, providing value for money. If you want a rooftop with a lifespan of around hundreds of years, a slate roof is the way to go.

What can you say about slates roofing fire resistance? Yes, slates are built from rocks, making them more durable and resistant to fire. Solid rock materials hardly catch fire. Therefore, homeowners looking to build roofs in fire prone areas can consider these products. Anyone who does not want to take fire risks can also consider slate roofing, which is fire resistant. It is also mold resistant with a low-rate of water absorption making it resistant to frost damage.

In case you want to increase the resale value of your home, installing slate roof can help. People buy homes with this type of rooftop at a higher price because of its durability and beauty. You can decide to replace an old rooftop with these slates if you plan to sell your home at a reasonable rate. Most home buyers find houses with this type of roof appealing and valuable.

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