What Are Fascias And Soffits?

What Are Fascias And Soffits? - Home-Pro Roofing

What Are Fascias And Soffits?

Various elements come into play when roofing a building apart from the tiles used to make roofing work perfect. Some elements will be there for structural functions, while others bring out the deserved finish to the property. Two of these little-known elements are fascias and soffits. Luckily, the rest of this post focuses letting you discover What are fascias and soffits?.


These refer to the boards that attach to the truss or rafter ends to give buildings a perfect finish. Thus, a fascia can be described as the roof board seen at the edges of the truss or rafters in a building. The main aim of installing a fascia is to protect roofing structures and the interior aspects of your buildings from exposure to external elements.

Additionally, a fascia play a critical role in blocking roofing tiles, water pipes, and gutters installed on the exterior aspect of your roofs. These structures also improve the aesthetic appeal when they seal the rafters that could otherwise be exposed.

Materials Used

Manufacturers use a wide range of materials to make models with varying quality and durability. The commonly used products in the manufacturing process include wood, PVC, and wood composite with epoxy resin coating.

Wooden Fascia

It is prudent to note that although wood remains a comparatively cheaper option, it may need repainting to retain its curb appeal. Woods at some point will eventually rot and require replacement. The overall maintenance costs may ultimately make this option expensive.

PVC Option

Fascias made of PVC are relatively expensive, but they last longer and give you room for customization. There are various PVC models, but all you need to observe during acquisition is the suitability of the thickness. Fascias need to have a thickness suitable enough to support the gutters and attach directly to rafters.


The term soffit is a French word that means something installed beneath. Thus, soffits refer to boards that are fixed underneath fascias towards the walls of your buildings to bring out a deserved finish. A soffit forms an extra cover sitting alongside adjacent walls and the edges of the roof of a building. The primary motive of the installation is to shield the rafters by sealing them together with other structures under the roof.

Materials Used

Conventionally, most property owners used to install soffits made up of woods, but the trend has changed over time. The use of timber soffits has declined due to the usual challenges associated with installing wooden products, such as rot and decay. Such problems tend to affect the overall roofing structures of your property, leading to costly maintenance.

However, the manufacturers have invented various other materials that serve as improved alternatives to wooden soffit models. Such advancements have made the use of PVC and aluminum soffit types increase in the recent past. These options have gained popularity among property developers as they are durable and relatively cost-effective.

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