Tips For Flat Roof Maintenance Requirements

Tips For Flat Roof Maintenance Requirements - Homepro Roofing

Tips For Flat Roof Maintenance Requirements

Flat roofs are quite popular among home owners. They are easier and cheaper to install, and to maintain, as compared to sloped options. If not properly maintained, the house covering can start giving you problems. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Paying attention to the covering can help to extend its lifespan. Here are flat roof maintenance requirements to keep in mind.

Have regular checkups

Regular checkups are essential. Check out the covering at least 3 times a year. This is especially if there are any trees close by. In addition, check out the covering after heavy rainstorms, winds or after heavy snowfall during winter months. Some of the things to be on the lookout for include pooled water, holes and cracks.

Clear away the debris

You can safely walk on the covering without damaging it. Therefore, use a broom to regularly clear away any debris that might have collected on the surface. Sweep away all the dirt, leaves and anything else that is there. Be careful and gentle when working, so that you do not damage the material.

Avoid standing water

It is not advisable to allow water to pool on the surface. That is why it is essential to ensure that all drainages are working, so that water can flow away freely. If there are any blockages that will cause water to pool, make sure to clear them up.

If water tends to collect in the middle of the covering, consider installing automatic pumps. This will drain off water that cannot easily runoff. In addition, adding additional drainages will come in handy, as well as having sunken areas, so that there is a slight slope. This will cause water to drain off.

Get rid of trees that are close by

If there are any trees that are too close to the building, get rid of them. This is particularly if the branches of the tree are scratching the surface of the covering. Cut out the branches before they do any damage. Getting rid of any nearby trees will also reduce debris buildup from the leaves of the tree.

Check the inside as well

Examine the internal part of the building covering. Check if there is any water damage on the ceiling. Also check for any dampness that might have spread from the outside.

Be careful with HVAC installation

Installing HVAC on the building can cause problems, if the installation is not done properly. Issues which might come up include condensation and vibrations. If any issues come up, deal with them quickly and decisively to prevent fast wear and tear of the building, as it can cause leakage. It is essential that you carry out routine inspections, so as to notice any issues and even re-install the unit, if necessary.


Taking care of your house covering will help to extend its lifespan. A typical covering can last for up to 50 years before it needs to be replaced. If you notice any problems with your ceiling, take care of them as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse.

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