Lead Flashings and Lead Work in East Lancashire

Lead is used as a weather sealing material on the external side of a building and can be found on the roof, or in the cavity wall or on an extension. It is manufactured into rolls and graded into codes depending on the thickness. The rolls also vary in width from 100mm up to 1500mm and can be purchased in either 3 metres or 6 metre lengths. It can be found around chimneys, joining one building to another’s sidewall, a lead tray diverting water or even as a cavity tray protecting from water penetration.

Its primary function is to prevent water penetration. If lead work flashing were not in place around a chimney, water would run down the external walls of the chimney and into the building roof space area. Another example would be when a pitched roof has another pitched roof joining it from another direction, where they join is called a valley, this valley has to be sealed with lead work then calling it a lead valley. If the lead were not used in the valley, water would run down the valley and enter the building roof space area.


Our Leadwork products include:


  • Chimney Lead Flashing
  • Lead Gullies & Lead Trays
  • Extension Lead Flashings
  • Dormer Window Flashings
  • Lead Roof Maintenance and Health Checks
  • Frost & Weather damaged flashings
  • Sealing Lead Work to external walls
  • Lead Roof Surveys
  • Torn & damaged Lead Flashings
  • Replace any lead flashings or trays whatsoever
  • We are lead work replacement & repair specialists


Here at Home-Pro Roofing we offer a full Lead replacement & repair service. If you have a problem with a leak from defective lead work or are interested in booking a survey for any of our services or just a roof safety check, please contact Home-Pro Roofing and a member of our team will be happy to help or advise you.

Home-Pro Roofing can carry out any form of lead work repair or replacement from industrial building in the commercial sector to all forms of flashings and lead trays in the private domestic sector. We also cater for defective lead to listed historic building churches and cathedrals. No matter what the problem is Home-Pro Roofing will get it sorted.


On request we will pop round and see you for an informal chat and survey your lead problems. All our staff is courteous and polite providing a reliable, prompt service. We basically turn up when we say we are going to. We will carry out the work with minimal disruption to you and your day-to-day family life and respect your home whilst the work is being carried out. Our skilled tradesmen technicians are highly experienced in all aspects of lead and lead welding. You get a service from us second to none.

For leadwork services, call 07385 269564