Is Moss On My Roof A Problem?

Is Moss On My Roof A Problem? - Home-pro Roofing

Is Moss On My Roof A Problem?

Whether to remove or leave the moss growing on a roof is an interesting debate to many. Besides the charming fairy tale look, allowing algae to grow on the top has several disadvantages to the property owner regardless of the roofing type. But is moss on my roof a problem?

Moisture Retention

When algae and other unwanted substances grow on roofs, they create a heavy blanket that retains high moisture content. Irrespective of your roofing materials, nothing can withstand a long period of moisture content in one place. As such, roofing points covered with these foreign elements will rot, reducing their lifespan.

Creates Holes

When unwanted materials are allowed to grow on the roofs for some time, removing them becomes problematic. The elements creep under the slates and shingles, which causes the development of holes in the roofing materials. Besides the holes, the upper structure will degenerate and look awkward after cleaning up the algae.

Pests Inhabitation

With growing elements on a roofing structure, bugs and rodents will get enough food supply. This way, it will be challenging to get rid of these pests in your home or workplace. Clearing the algae and other growing matter in time will rid off the pest infestation chances for you.

Increased Weight

Most roofs take a dozen years before succumbing to weather and becoming weak. With an increased weight from growing elements, your roofing will yield to weight and bulge in. If not mitigated in time, these elements add hundreds of pounds and can quickly bring down the entire rooftop.

Removal and Prevention

After learning the adverse effects of moss growth on roofs, how do you control it or remove it? Most people handle this challenge on their own, while others look for professionals to remove it. Before taking any measure, you must consider the structural damage and chemical consequences.

Check whether the chemical used in clearing these elements affects the environment or materials used in roofing. Will it stain the materials, or does it cause leading flashing once it is applied? Research on these factors before buying given chemicals for structural and environmental safety.

Knowing that algae and other growing substances increase weight up there, you must observe the weight of people trying to remove the substances. You do not want to break your tiles or get injured by inserting more weight on the affected structure.


Allowing moss to grow on your home is a major risk that may cause irreparable damage if not treated in time. Handle the problem as soon as you notice it to save your roofing materials and prevent significant repair losses.

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