How To Spot An Unhealthy Roof

How To Spot An Unhealthy Roof - Homepro Roofing

How To Spot An Unhealthy Roof

Whether you have bought a new house or occupied an old home, knowing how to spot issues on your roof is a critical aspect of keeping your home in an excellent condition. Having a bad rooftop may subject your property to risk and potential damages that may cost you hundreds of dollars. If you are not used to detecting leaks and other roof faults, here is how to spot an unhealthy roof.

Sunken Roof

When your roof sinks, there must be a problem with the roofing system. It might be signs of rotting or another issue. Calling a professional contractor to assess the situation can help you know the cause of sinking roof. It is necessary to look at the studs and beams that hold the rooftop. If rotten, the roof is likely to collapse. Homeowners should know that a sinking roof is a sign of an unhealthy rooftop.

Algae and Moss Growth

Another obvious sign of the unhealthy rooftop is the growth of moss and algae. Some plant might grow on roofs over the years, but excess growth of these plants can be a sign of a damaged roof. These plants may grow beneath the roofs and result in structural damage. When this occurs, homeowners will have to repair the drainage system or replace the entire roof.

Cracked or Missing Shingles

Cracked or missing shingles can occur when storm and other tough weather strike. It is important to know why a shingle is missing and replace it before the roof gets damaged. Missing shingles on your rooftop is a sign of an unhealthy roof. Make sure you assess your rooftop to identify these issues on time.

Water Spots

You may find sinking and water stains in your ceiling before you determine whether it is a leaking roof. Whenever you see water spots on a ceiling, know it is a sign of an unhealthy roof. Call a roofing contractor immediately to repair the damaged parts of your roof before more damage occurs.

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